Real Patriotism

The general stereotype among the commoners about patriotism is that the soldiers who risk their life at the border, 24X7, for the sake of country’s security are the most patriotic persons. Though there’s no denying the fact that they are true citizens, for they sacrifice so much for the country. But that dosen’t mean the common people have nothing to contribute. They can contribute to the nation by not spitting unnecessarily anywhere, dumping garbage in a proper dustbin, paying taxes regularly, by not violating the laws, by getting involved in the idea of improving nation’s economy, and practicing & promoting various such activities that shall add to the Nation’s pride, honor and integrity.

So fellas, feel a patriotic person within you, love your country, and act, because each and every act counts. After all love for one’s own country is the ‘Real Patriotism’.

P.S. Feel free to add yours too in comments below.