PSEUDOSCIENCE: The next big thing to be concerned about other than blind faiths and superstitions.

Basic difference between SCIENCE and PSEUDOSCIENCE

India is still a developing country, you know why? Because Indians are too much obsessed with pseudoscience. What is pseudoscience? Wikipedia defines pseudoscience as “A claim, belief or practice which is incorrectly presented as scientific, but does not adhere to a valid scientific method, cannot be reliably tested, or otherwise lacks scientific status.” In simple words, when myth is mixed with science it produces “pseudoscience”.

Other than blind faiths and superstitions prevailing in Indian society, that has been continuously criticised by the freethinkers which has helped a lot in progressing India socially and culturally, the next big thing to be concerned about is pseudoscience. Religious people tend to satisfy and propagate their belief system by telling people that it is scientific, but without giving evidence or else if they give, they give fake evidences. And common people without digging deep on their own whether the claim is correct or not, gets misguided by these brainless goons.

One interesting thing about pseudoscience is that, people immediately agree to believe that something is true if it is served in the ‘scientifically proven’ platter.

Pseudoscience can most commonly be found among people belonging to the societies where they are still stuck with supernatural beings and where education has not yet reached. It can be found among the people who are quite lazy to accept the truth as it is, and rather look for the truth as they wish it to be.

In India, basically the Hindutva fringes relies on pseudoscience to retain their age old tradition, promote their culture and to demand global acceptance for the greatness of ancient Indian culture. Sure, the culture of ancient India has given a lot to this world, I am not questioning its sanctity. But maligning it with pseudoscience and then promoting it, will only backfire on us and end up attracting a global disrespect for ancient Indian culture.

Every culture evolves with time but some goons always has problem in digesting this fact and just in order to retain their culture takes the help of pseudoscience and this way restricting India from developing socially.