Daily Life

Forming an argument.


I have seen many people debating incessantly over a matter trying to justify their way of thinking without even considering ‘common sense’ in their talk. So this post is sincerely devoted to those miserable souls who think, “hum mahaan aur baaki sab beimaan” (I am the only one honest and others are just dishonest). Stroll down to find the appropriate way of giving an argument.

If you support an ideology about something or have your own one, then get ready to endure the criticism, as you just cannot please everybody with your way of thinking. Make your ‘firm yet elastic’ stance and abide by it, always defend your arguments critically and analytically and try to avoid vague and irrational reasoning. Try to justify your argument, like: “I am right, and here’s why” and not like: “You are wrong, wrong, wrong so I am right.”

Understand others point of view too but try to be firm to your viewpoint, as everyone has the freedom to have their own unique point of view, and so you do too. Have an elastic approach when giving your argument and if possible make due amendments in it according to the demanded situation.

PS – Feel free to add your valuable argument to this ‘argument’, in the comments section below.


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