Daily Life

What begets Fanaticism?


The world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows, this is a very mean and nasty place full of treacherous scumbags. They will always try to trick you, incite you, and then beat you down with their skillful tactics. But, but you have to recognize them, and at the very first hand just ignore them and refrain yourself from getting involved in their trap. Because more you get involved, the more they incite you and the more they incite you, you get frigging more involved. And this involvement my friend, ends up making you frustrated, charming you towards the path of coercion and violence.

And you know what, the fun part is that, this very fair and judgemental world considers this kind of frustration as “FANATICISM”.

So my friend, you need not resort to fanaticism, just learn the art of recognizing those scumbags and try to abstain from getting yourself provoked by them.



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