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Forming an argument.


I have seen many people debating incessantly over a matter trying to justify their way of thinking without even considering ‘common sense’ in their talk. So this post is sincerely devoted to those miserable souls who think, “hum mahaan aur baaki sab beimaan” (I am the only one honest and others are just dishonest). Stroll down to find the appropriate way of giving an argument.

If you support an ideology about something or have your own one, then get ready to endure the criticism, as you just cannot please everybody with your way of thinking. Make your ‘firm yet elastic’ stance and abide by it, always defend your arguments critically and analytically and try to avoid vague and irrational reasoning. Try to justify your argument, like: “I am right, and here’s why” and not like: “You are wrong, wrong, wrong so I am right.”

Understand others point of view too but try to be firm to your viewpoint, as everyone has the freedom to have their own unique point of view, and so you do too. Have an elastic approach when giving your argument and if possible make due amendments in it according to the demanded situation.

PS – Feel free to add your valuable argument to this ‘argument’, in the comments section below.


Daily Life

What begets Fanaticism?


The world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows, this is a very mean and nasty place full of treacherous scumbags. They will always try to trick you, incite you, and then beat you down with their skillful tactics. But, but you have to recognize them, and at the very first hand just ignore them and refrain yourself from getting involved in their trap. Because more you get involved, the more they incite you and the more they incite you, you get frigging more involved. And this involvement my friend, ends up making you frustrated, charming you towards the path of coercion and violence.

And you know what, the fun part is that, this very fair and judgemental world considers this kind of frustration as “FANATICISM”.

So my friend, you need not resort to fanaticism, just learn the art of recognizing those scumbags and try to abstain from getting yourself provoked by them.



Arvind Kejriwal and the demise of BJP

Delhi, yesterday saw a historic win of ‘determination’, ‘hard work’, ‘integrity’ and ‘truthfulness’ over ‘slyness’, ‘shrewdness’ and ‘malevolence’. 10th February, 2015 came as a calamitous day for BJP.

Being a BJP supporter at first, it took me a day to actually enjoy the triumph of AAP over BJP this Assembly Election (and enjoy the ‘5 saal Kejriwal’ song too). It took me one long day to introspect and understand who Arvind Kejriwal is in real sense. For one whole day I just sat still and searched extensively all about AAP and Arvind Kejriwal and I got to learn what actually his vision is, why did he joined this muck like politics, when he could have very easily enjoyed his wonderfully beautiful life with his wife and two lovely kids. They lived in real comfort and security, he could have simply led his life like just any other Indian with a govt job, a peaceful life, grown old, retired with heavy pension, and died in tranquility. But NO, he chose the less trodden path, he chose to dive into this mire and clean all the shit within it.
Quoting Robert Frost here:
“Two roads diverged in a wood and I – I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.”
Yeah, really that has made all the difference. He made it possible to believe that politics can be played clean and fair too, he made people believe that hard work and determination never goes in vain, he made people believe that even an aam aadmi can change the whole scenario, as we are seeing it today.

I have been following the recent developments which took place before the Delhi Elections and I have been very keen on it throughout the process. I now would talk about what led to the demise of BJP.

BJP, the party which took over authority with a clear majority in the Lok Sabha Elections, a few months back, is now laying down on its knees astounded, with just 3 seats out of 70 in the Delhi Vidhan Sabha Elections. What could have led to the downfall of BJP? Was it the declining NaMo wave or the subsequent elevating AAP wave? Well, the answer to this ‘in my opinion’ is that, actually there was nothing like a NaMo wave here in Delhi. Since the inception of AAP, there was a wave of AAP and its leader Arvind Kejriwal, that got even stronger, the moment Kejriwal resigned from the post of CM of Delhi. Yes, it dwindled for some time when he resigned but regained its strength after continuous campaigns and as approaching the elections near this year, the negative campaigns and several allegations (including some personal on AK) on AAP by BJP also worked in favour of the wave, fortunately.

Personally, what I think to be the cause of downfall of BJP was a series of events including the controversial statement by Sakshi Maharaj that ‘Hindu women should have at least 4 children’, and then Sadvi Niran Jyoti’s remark of ‘Ramzaadon and Haramzaadon’. Then they started playing their Sangh politics and tried to polarise the votes, then the vandalization of Churches in Delhi and the drama of ‘ghar wapasi’. And for all these events Modi being ‘Manmohan’ on it. These events instilled anxiety and fear in the minorities. If BJP thought that intimidating minorities would actually polarise the vote, then it was their huge mistake. A country without peace and communal harmony can not progress, just can not progress. Again the failure to fulfill the promise of bringing black money back and calling it as mere a chunavi jumla by Amit Shah just a few days ahead of the judgement day, added fuel to the fire and I can very confidently bet on it that this jumla thing just transferred a minimum of 5% vote share from BJP to the Aam Aadmi Party.

After BJP getting the clear mandate in the Lok Sabha election last year, I thought that BJP is the party which can handle India’s ship to glory better, but after those series of events which I pionted earlier, it came out to be just another party striving for power and want to mould the social scenario their own way without even caring about the ‘aam janta‘. If this was to be their sole intention, then I shame on myself for supporting such party. But I supported BJP for the promises they made of development and progress for all (unbiased towards any particular community or caste), and I thought NaMo is now the man who would be a better captain. But my prediction somewhat is proving to be false. I don’t see any major difference from the time the earlier government was in power.

Well I wish AAP for their thumping victory and for their journey to make the city corruption free and look forward for a better Delhi. I hope they be successful in fulfilling their promises, without uttering any excuse just like the last time.
And yes, I do really enjoy now the ‘5 saal Kejriwal’ song. 😉

Thank you. _/\_