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The tale of a mere CROW: Where there is a will there is a way

You all must have heard the great grand tale of ‘The crow and the pitcher’ where a thirsty crow comes across a pitcher containing a little amount of water at the bottom. Failing in reaching the water the bird uses her wit and starts dropping pebbles into the pitcher until the water reaches the top, and thus finally is able to quench her thirst.

Here I tried to blend the old tale with a new idea. And guess what! It is based on a true incident.

So go ahead and give it a read.

Just sitting leisurely on the sofa, sipping the first cup of tea of the day and rolling my eyes through the newspaper, something flashy at the balcony dragged my attention towards it. I inquisitively moved forward to find that a little crowie is sitting down there and randomly moving her head in every direction maybe in search of something. I made myself comfortable on the floor and decided to squander some time observing the puny creature. The crow seemed to be a bit confused as she was continuously looking here and there aimlessly and fluttering her wings stupidly in order to stand stable on the iron railing. This observance made me think of myself, as I can relate it to one of my characteristics of being spontaneous at doing any work. I always aspire of being stable and think wisely before I act but unfortunately, I end messing things up.


The next observation: The crow was looking for something to eat, she found a millipede inside the pot out there in balcony. She tried to pick it up through her tweezers beak but the aloe vera leaves were blocking her way. Now the next incident just took the hell out of me (and I am sure it will make you remember one of the Aesop’s fable: The crow and the pitcher) when she flew away and in no time came back with a small wire, a straight one, then she bent it in the shape of a hook and finally she used the wire to take that defenseless millipede out.


She then ate the millipede with great relish right in front of me, as if trying to mock me for interpreting her wrong.

This whole episode taught me two things. First, that never judge anyone on the basis of just one incident and second, never underestimate yourself. If a mere crow can do such miracle (logical thinking) then why can’t I ? “Where there is a will there is a way

(Why did she made a hook? Well the answer to this question is out of my understanding too, maybe perhaps she was aware of the fact that the millipede coils itself round when approaching danger. So she rather thought to use the hook to pick it up rather than pin it and then pick.)


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