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Slip of the Tongue: That silly moment.

Slip of the Tongue

Slip of the tongue may be defined as an unintended slight deviation in speech from what one actually intended to say.
(Or, it may be explained as an awkward situation where you find yourself silly). It is said that such speech errors reveals a great deal about one’s repressed thoughts. Well, I am not going too deep into it but hey, below here is an example from my own experience.

I was sleeping tight as usual topless, in my sinchan boxers on the bed at my room in the Tokas Apartment, 2nd floor, Munirka. Perhaps dreaming of something, I don’t remember.
Then a lady happened to turn up on my doorstep at about 7 o’ clock in the morning. And then:

‘Knock, Knock, Knock’

I, sleeping hard reluctant to leave the bed, drooling heavily ‘zZz…’

Once again the sound came, ‘ Knock, Knock’

I still sleeping as carelessly as a baby, visualizing that the sound came within my dream.

But this time the lady banged the door so hard that it made me stand at once and left me surprised ‘What? When? Why?’.
Then instinctively, I went to open the door, and on opening it I found a nicely attired lady in formals perfumed from tip to toe, looking not less than a appealing modern sales girl, standing in front of me and telling, “Sorry, sorry, I thought that this was my room, actually mine is at the next floor, sorry for disturbing, sorry haan”.

And then unexpectedly,
SORRY SORRY ma’m” quoth I, as I struggled to be awake.

After that she went off to her own room and I was like: ‘Why did I say sorry to her, I didn’t commit any mistake! It wasn’t my fault that she banged the door and disturbed a peacefully sleeping person, then why the hell I be sorry!’.

I kept over pondering on the thought of the incident for few minutes till I fell asleep again.

××××××××××××× TheEnd ×××××××××××××

Here, I intended to speak “It’s okay, no problem!”, but I ended up saying “Sorry”.

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