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How to deal with leg pullers?

We all must have faced such situation atleast once in our lifetime where a person or a group of persons (friends, colleagues, classmates, etc) tries to mock you in front of others, though in a friendly manner, just for no reason (or it would be just their favorite time pass).
A very simple and common advice which everyone can give you is, “just play deaf and blind”. Well it seems very easy to say but not as easy as ABC to follow. It really becomes very irritating when someone unnecessarily pulls your leg and tries to demoralize you. And in that case where ignoring is not an option, you feel like gouging their eyes out right then at that moment. (But surely you won’t do so).

For this I have a short and simple remedy. As far as I have experienced, changing the topic of the conversation, something irrelevant to the first topic, will definately do the magic (e.g. “Hey buddy! When is the holiday for Diwali going to start?” or, “Oye! Your shirt is nice, from where did you buy it?” or, some other topic worth talking about).

Trust me friends this will do the job as it will help in diverting their mind and will create a safe escape for you. And seeing the right moment just leave the place.

Or, some other ideas may work for you, like, “I don’t have time to talk with you, morons”, just say and leave the place. Or, just counter attack with a tincture of sarcasm in your voice (If you are capable of).

But remember one thing, don’t dishearten yourself by their lame comments and don’t waste time thinking about what they think about you. Think of them as a group of braying donkeys. And at last smile, and leave it all on your middle finger to salute them.


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